Two Thousand And Eighteen…A Show Of Resilience

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Our reader end of year polls are in!  Your favourite stories of 2018, chosen by you have been collated. The summation of your selected stories mirrors resilience.


This year will forever pop up on history pages because it was laden with events around the world, which were not altogether happy ones but as our caption reads, it was a year that showcased the resilience of humanity. Our ability to pull through difficult situations following that very little glimmer of hope and not giving up on the future is the resilience we all need to imbibe. To be resilient, we need to learn, unlearn, relearn and eventually get it right each time we “stumble”, “fall” or are “felled”.


In 2018 at LR motivational e-space, we kept the sauce flowing as we went on a lot of inspirational journeys with our resilient guest features. The five feature articles of 2018 chosen as favourites by you were:


Number one story from 2018 you picked was:

Chichi Iro who despite being born with Cerebral palsy became a lawyer, author, motivational speaker, disability advocate, health coach, minister of God, wife and mother. She spoke about how opposition is a chance to prove your self worth and how she has set out to encourage not just those with disabilities but anyone living beneath their abilities. Let her take you through her journey, click on the link below.

What challenges do you think lie before you in 2019 and beyond? What cards have you been dealt? Are you writing your own script or acting out the scripts written by others? Reflect on these questions as you meet the Number two story selected by you:


We joined a bus conductor and he showed us how he wrote his script till he became a Doctor and Lecturer. Yes you just read right, with hardwork and the determination to succeed against all odds he was able to rise above the barrier of stereotypes. Join the bus ride and click on the link to understand how resilience knows no bounds.

What a trip right? Just goes to show that everything is achievable. This year we also saw the exit of persons who in their own way made a remarkable impact in the area of human rights, promoting freedom and peace. We were surprised to see you our readers had selected their stories as number three and number four of the five chosen favourites from 2018. Their life journeys of resilience are just two clicks away.

People have done, are still doing and will keep doing wonderful things. Some start at really young ages – there are children who show a particular level of prowess that sets them a little higher than others. The LR team did an exposé on an eleven year old boy and his mentors who are repainting our Pan-African narrative against all odds. He prepared a present in his own style for the current President of France. Check out this super resilient team by clicking on the link below to see story number five chosen from your 2018 favourites.


Amazing right? Yes! This year has been challenging on different fronts around the world but at LR the inspirational stories keep flowing in so much so we can say that people are beginning to realise that disappointments, natural disasters, aftermaths of war or even daily struggles are not the end but a chance to prove your worth, your resilience and your ability to make things happen while also helping others along the way.


The LR team wishes you a beautiful festive season. We hope you remember that self-love is the greatest gift of all. Love begets love – YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS! We look forward to 2019 with the hope that we are all ready to write our scripts, make proactive choices and make the world a truly better place. It lies with us all to work from our little corners and together we can make things better. We wish you all happy festivities and encourage all of us to spread resilience unlimited. See you in 2019!


**End of year polls collation and publication prepared by our editor Erhio Obodo**


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