Tribute to self

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Team LR and all the editors sends you greetings after a period of  hiatus. The motivational e-space and those who make it tick needed the unplanned break to take stock and recharge.

Do you sometimes feel society is caging you with written and unwritten rules? Have you ever been worn thin and stretched beyond limit trying to conform? Permit us to say…take time out for you and please learn to be you. Do not live a double or triple life for your parents, your pastors, your children, your friends or even your foes.

This poem from our lead editor is for you. It is a tribute to “self”  Read it, reflect on it and interprete it as you wish without apologies.

                      “Tribute to self” 

The song in my head just depicts my love for myself🎶…

I need to have love of me enough in my bank❤

So I can issue cheques of love out to kit, kins and fans🙌🏿

I just love me😍

I do me😍

I live me🙏🏿

Did I hear you say diva?🤷🏿‍♀

Are you thinking narcissism?

See, do not you understand?🤔

That your labels mean naught to me?😁

Despite my open collaborations with many🥂

Closed and insulated is my relationship with me🙋🏿

My wall of self competes with China’s😎

This mental radar of mine has become non permeable to projections by others👊🏿

Melting tacks and tags of labels stuck🙏🏿

Turning them to liquid that runs off into the distance afar from my sanity🙌🏿

No one’s script is good enough for me!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my creator.💃🏿

I owe none no apologies….

I expect none to owe me apologies….

My goal is to better humanity with my love cheques.

Issued in my own style without apologies.

You can take my cheque or leave it.

Appreciate it or trivialise it.

That’s not for me to bother with🤷🏿‍♀

All I seek is to constantly refuel my tank of love❤

So I bank more love of me by me❤

That way, I keep the loop aloop loving me yet loving all.

I am me.

I remain me with no apologies.


©Loretta Ogboro-Okor Sept 21st 2019


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