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Welcome to this positive life changing “motivational space where you get your regular doses of all things inspirational”. We are a team of editorial, administrative and technical volunteers from diverse backgrounds that make this platform ripple just the way you like it

In life, we often do not see how many times great people ‘fall’ or ‘fail’ and how many ‘flops’ and ‘losses’ happens along the way. The  Loretta Reveals Team brings the determination, the focus and hard work of different individuals to the fore. It tells of how they shed any baggage that could pull them down and then rise to surmount challenges along the way.

This is the platform that exposes the ‘iceberg nature of success’. #DropTheBaggage  #DefyGravityAndSoar

Meet Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor


I welcome you to this positive life changing space.

I am Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor. My life experiences have taught me “there are no impossibilities and that challenges in life are the ‘avalanche’ push factors we require every now and again, to enable us break our own records”.

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, doctor, writer, motivational speaker, mentor and even ‘perceived antagonist sometimes’; I am many things to different people at varied times. However, I consider myself a continuous ‘work in progressive excellence’ in whatever capacity I function.


On this motivational platform, we help reveal the different inspiring stories of achievers worldwide, to others. This is to enable each of us draw strength from one another’s stories – to help us understand that success is a state of mind. If these people on these pages could and are doing it, so can you, our dear readers.

Lorettareveals.org is the platform that exposes the ‘iceberg nature of success’. The space where transformational revelations you can adapt for life changing success recipes flow. ‘Keep your eyes peeled like bananas’ on this space as you learn and work to become ‘the change you want to see’

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Meet Omo Agbonwanegbe

omoI am Omo Agbonwanegbe, a Nigerian who moved to the UK over 12 years ago.

I am one person who always sees the glass as “half-full” and there is no way it is going to ever get empty.

I am a management accountant by day, an editor at night and slowly but surely becoming a writer round the clock.

Accounting however, is my first love having graduated from Accounting at the prestigious University of Benin. I further obtained a Masters degree in Management from Brunel University in England. I have over 10 years of National Health Service (NHS) experience in Procurement and Finance. My love for figures and resolving queries has been the push for my NHS career progression.

I am also a wife, mother and dancer. Furthermore, I love listening to music (and I mean almost all genres). Everyone I come across agrees there is a cook inside of me and I am working on becoming a DJ (disc jockey) soon.

I currently I work alongside other great editors at Loretta Reveals; I must emphasise that my passion for everything I do is surely infectious…..so, what are you waiting for? Have I not infected you yet with the zeal to click away at our motivational freebies?


Meet  Erhio Obodo

erhio I am a graduate of Physics who has over the years honed her artistic abilities as an Actress Singer and Poet; Performing in concerts and stage dramas in major cities in Nigeria.

I am an active member of two choral groups, two poetry platforms and two stage drama troupes. I am often called ‘the-word-smith’ by colleagues friend and family a phenomenon with its roots in my love of all things literary.

I was the Operations Manager at Crafties® for ten years and I am currently a partner with Syntek Global while fully on board the Loretta Reveals Team ever ready to keep those motivational stories rolling in because, in life, it is not a crime to fail and to fail does not make one a failure. “Failure” is a mental state we need not allow to materialise in our lives. So surround yourself with all things positive…..explore this motivational platform regularly.


Meet Winifred Osakwe-Kokroko

WINIFREDI am Winifred Osakwe-Kokroko, a highly inspired Business Analyst with a wealth of experience in accurately analysing business and technical requirements of varied establishments.

My expertise emanates from working on various projects throughout all phases of project development life-cycle across Finance, Education, Telecommunications and Health industry. I have ample experience in successful implementation of system requirements and process re-engineering with a focus on delivering business and technical solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective and mitigates against risk exposure.

Armed with this array of experience and an amiable working relationship with work colleagues, I am confident I make a notable difference in any project environment – Loretta Reveals inclusive.

Borrowing a phrase from Google Scholar, why not “stand on the shoulders of giants” ….all you have to do to rev up your motivational energy is only a click away on the motivational elixir from others. If they can do it, so can you.


Meet Pamela Obuh

PAMELAI am Pamela Obuh, an environmental and human rights activist.

With a background in Environmental Conservation from the UK, I am passionate about the future of Nigeria and hope to help achieve a sustainable Nigerian environment.

I have been described by other colleagues as an excellent team player with good communication skills. I am enthusiastic about work excellence and have a multidisciplinary approach to Environmental Conservation and Research. I have a people oriented persona with a deep sense of motivation, persuasion, willingness to learn and a strong desire to give my best at all times.

I decry the marginalisation or stereotyping of others and will not rest till I speak out against any such action I witness.  I am also a very adaptable and love to dabble into new things. I believe people should be given the freedom to express themselves in their own way and encouraged to become who they want to be. Hence I love what I do with Loretta Reveals which is encouraging people everywhere and in any locale that they can grow to become the positive difference they choose to be.  On my own side of the pond, I am currently making plans to travel the world and try out many new things. I enjoy the learning one attains through travelling, creative writing and photography.

I leave you with this quote by the Base Ball Player Babs Hoffman as I encourage you all to come on the Loretta Reveals journey “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey”


Meet Michael Achile Umameh

MIKEI am Michael Achile Umameh, a voracious and eclectic reader of all genre of written, spoken and sung literatures. Currently, a graduate student of Mathematics Education of the university of Leeds, UK. A published poet, critic, social commentator and avid promoter of Indigenous African literature and ethnomathematics of the Igala speaking people of Nigeria.

I am passionate about Nigeria, its people and the exciting great future of the continent of Africa.

The grounds of my motivation is the resilience and inspirations I see in the diverse talents and giftedness of all peoples. My hope and charge is that, privileged to walk and work with the excellent editorial team of Loretta Reveals led by the indefatigable Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor, I am hopeful that, we will continue to celebrate and promote time-tested, excellent, motivational and inspirational individuals from all walks of life, as templates to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

I am a person of faith, culture, education and an optimist. I believe “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.”   ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Thankful to the editorial team for the opportunity to share from your rich experiences and abilities.

I can be reached: umamehmichael@gmail.com

On twitter:  @UmamehMichael

Ashanti Okor

Ashanti Okor is an inquisitive and artistic mind with a good dose of fun.

She is of Nigerian heritage and Briton by Naturalisation.

Her early schooling were done in Scotland, England and Nigeria.
She is a prospective Law Student who is keen on mastering different languages.

Her knowledge of Literature and history has breadth an poetry and prose writing will someday take the world by storm.

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