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Everyday in our world, there are those who labour behind the scenes, both seen and unseen, working hard to raise the next generation. They may never get to be in the limelight or on the red carpet. They may never get to use Twitter or have thousands of followers on Instagram, however, they are the ones making a difference or have made a difference in the lives of many.

Imagine for a moment, that woman in a war-torn country doing her best to protect her children even at the expense of her own life. Visualise in your mind’s eye, the single mother who juggles being a father and a mother with balancing a career so she can provide for her children.  Do not forget how our mothers gave and in some cases are still giving up a lot so they can take care of the home… abandoned education, a derailed career, or a forfeited business opportunity, just to mention a few.

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Image courtesy of cradle of love by Kolongi

On the flip side, who says the hand that rocks the cradle is only those of the XX chromosome type? It would be a parochial view to think only women or only mothers rock cradles.  There abound many co- mothers (those men who are dedicated and steadfast in helping beside them) across the world, who are doing their very best at nurturing our world. Many XY chromosomes individuals, many men are worthy of praise in the work they do behind the scenes to care for their children. It is a known fact that most of the nurturing and cradle rocking is done by women, nevertheless, for those men who are clued in, they sure deserve to be praised, celebrated and appreciated as well.

The cradle being rocked needs not be one to which an individual is biologically affiliated. There are many parents who adopt children and raise them like their own. There are many persons who run orphanages and people who run charities that give succour to children across the world. All these individuals are “cradle rockers” in their own right and we salute them all.

So it was, on the 25th of March 2017, the organisers of the EYMA 2017 decided to celebrate these unsung heroes and heroines who dwell amongst us.  Kafy Shiyne-Aleroh and her team organised the Excellent Yummy Mummy Award (EYMA) 2017. This inaugural award ceremony held in the high brow Grange Holborn Hotel in London – celebrating strong bold, beautiful and excellent mothers as well as co-mothers globally. With a mission that seeks to celebrate, support and empower the hands that rock the cradles so they can continue to flourish and excel, this group though United Kingdom registered, has a global out reach.




Women from all walks of life and along with many a significant other-half, graced the occasion. Surely it was a child-friendly event where the energy of tomorrow’s leaders came to the fore. There were many nominees and many winners at this event. It was encouraging to sing the song of those who make sacrifices to ensure the next generation is well taken care of – well done EYMA 2017.



On the LR platform this week, we employ us all to celebrate those people in our lives who quietly toil night and day; motivating and helping us become who we are. That mentor, that father, that mother, that hand that rocked or still rocks our cradle, deserves to be celebrated for it is them, that hold the future of our societies in the balance.

As you let your viewpoint loose in the comments section below, we acknowledge the great poet Williams Ross Wallace and hope even from the great beyond, he would accent to the slight modification we have done to his popular phrase when we say:


“The hands that rock the cradles, irrespective of their gender, nurture and rule our world – they make many sacrifices to maintain the balance.”

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