Slay Queens Let Your Vaginas Be, So That Your Slay Days May Be Long By Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor

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Recently, the Gynaecologist in me nearly convulsed. Thankfully this near convulsion has very little to do with any illness in my body but sadly, it is emanating from a lack of knowledge in the slay component of our Nigerian population. As Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, ‘we work where others play’. This foray of our play area is something we must study extensively. We study to understand how it was made by the creator (embryology), learning it’s structural layout (anatomy) and understand how it works (physiology). Otherwise, you will agree with me that if we have no mastery of this unique anatomical mystery that has seen the rise and fall of many Kingdoms and birthed the heroes and heroines of humanity, then we will not know how to fix it when things go wrong.

One of the first mysteries anatomy and physiology revealed to me as a medical student and subsequently as a doctor specialising in the care of pregnant and non-pregnant women, is that the female vagina is an average 10 centimetres long/deep, with its walls thrown into folds called rugae and that it is constantly moist and warm with a nice colony of microbes who reside therein to keep it healthy and balanced. In fact, I have a lecturer who called it a ‘mini-zoo’ and he was, he is, and he will always be right. All the microbes in the vagina, require a certain environmental balance called pH (acid versus base or measure of hydrogen ions) to function right. The optimal pH in the vagina is between 3.8 to 4.5 making it slightly acidic. When this acidity becomes more alkaline, the acid producing bacteria needed are killed off and you become more likely to pick up an infection. Imagine how we have good cops and criminals in the society. To keep the peace, the good cops must be well armed, maintainedand be more than the criminals. Same thing happens in the vagina. To keep a healthy balance, the good microbes must balance out the bad microbes. When you shift the pH of the environment intentionally, unintentionally, or out of ignorance the bad microbes begin to have a field day!

Our slay queens in Nigeria, are slaying their good microbes today and I am afraid, they may not be able to slay another day. Recently, a trend of discuss in some of the female chat groups I belong to, made me decide to offer my professional advice for free to save many a slay Queens who may be sowing the seeds of perishing for lack of knowledge. Truth is, if you read this and you take no heed, it is all well and good. At least, it will be an informed decision on your path – one taken by a Slay Queen with optimal capacity.

Expensive Kanyamata, costly vagina tightening wands, exorbitant vagina steamingsessions and many other “advertised vagina rescue aids” are all recipes that alter the pH balance of the vagina. These things (many of which the component ingredients are unknown) take away moisture too and creates a dryness which is erroneously interpreted as ‘tightness’ of the vagina. Whereas the men may find this sensational; the truth is, many of these slay queens themselves do not derive joy from the episodes of intercourse. Many are so dry; they die in silence during the act and live with the trauma of many tears and cuts after their make-believe moaning exercises. If only they know what to do, they can still hold men spell bound with their sexual prowess without destroying their vaginas.

In the quest to up the game, some homosapiens of the female gender are destroying their quality of life. Repeated Bacterial Vaginosis, unexplained smelly discharge, a future of painful sex (dyspareunia) after all these tightening recipes would have destroyed the microbial biome balance of the vagina awaits some of our slay queens. You can quote me anywhere; the best friend of the vagina is tepid simple clean water. While the outer part called the vulva, which is the part you see, inclusive of where the pubic hair grows can benefit from a pH balanced feminine wash, your vagina which is the inner sanctum is sacrosanct and requires nothing but clean water from you. Nature has made it in such a way that it is programmed to renew and replenish itself. When you dry it out, the folds or rugae within it will stretch no more. After years of drying it, you will find an early truncation of a happy sex life becomes your portion if care is not taken.

The reason is because as we get older, our ovaries get tired and shut down during and following the menopause. Their main female hormone called oestrogen which keeps everything moisturised and supple is gone. Everything gets dry. The anti-aging creams stopping the wrinkles on your face, do not work on the wrinkling that will befall the ovaries. Hormone replacement therapy is not full proof and besides, it may not be suitable for some of us. So, imagine how dry what you have been drying all your life will then become. This is no rocket science just think carefully about it. For some unfortunate few, they do not even need to wait too long before the effect of their ‘high vagina maintenance’ begins to manifest.

Slay queens, what you need to master is how to use your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles not desiccating the special kind of skin or what doctors call mucosa that is the lining of your vagina.Take time out to seek knowledge which is power and stop looking for short fixes. Even more important, is to develop the thing between your ears and not keep running from pillar to post, seeking to help God the creator with the perfect job he has done with the thing between your legs.

Cleopatra, the Queen of Ancient Egypt was not the most beautiful woman in her time. Infact, I once read a book where it was stated that it was her brains, more than her physical looks or sexual prowess that got her two of the greatest rulers of the Roman Empire. I have often said that with Brains, Beauty, and a Vagina (BBV) the world is your footstool. Many of us ignore the first B, focus on the second B, and try to put “Maggi sauce” in the last V! However, truth be said dear Slay Queens, if you focus on the first B, get it loaded, then you will get enabling knowledge to optimise the second B and prolong the useful life span of the last V.


Dr Loretta Oduware Ogboro-Okor is author of the book, My Father`s Daughter


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