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September month closed with a big bang on this side of the pond with a resounding inspirational occurrence!

Eric Thomas  was in London doing what he does best with our very own Ava Eagle Brown presenting alongside him. Ava Brown is famous author, speaker and life coach, who was one of LR’s very first feature and Dr. Eric Thomas is the world renowned motivational speaker (often called the Hip Hop Preacher) who made the famous quote “ when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” (just in case you did not know). Remember we promised that if you were unable to be at this event live on the 24th of September; team LR would be on ground to bring you tidings of this inspirational event that is relevant to the motivational development of many.


Eric Thomas was here, the room was jam packed as nearly 2000 people joined the dream and vision to come and see Eric Thomas Live in London and it was EPIC! (Poléon, 2016). Sonia Poléon could not have put it any better. For those of us who were there, it was a case of “iron sharpeneth iron”. There was a message for every one to take away, no matter who you are or your own perceived level of development.  I will set out to summarise the core messages from the Eric Thomas encounter as simply as I possibly can.

10 things that require zero talent:

He told us about the zero talent. If we actually think about it, there are certain things we all can just do. These things do not require any special skill or exceptional talents. Take a look at the list Eric gave the audience below:

10 things that require zero talent

1) BEING ON TIME                                6) ATTITUDE

2) WORK ETHIC                                     7) PASSION

3) EFFORT                                               8) BEING COACHABLE

4) BODY LANGUAGE                             9) DOING EXTRA

5) ENERGY                                              10) BEING PREPARED




Which of these things require exceptional talent? None. It is humbling to know that every one of us can do these things excellently irrespective of our IQ levels. It is no rocket science that we need to prepare for anything in life we seek to do. So what makes some of us keep to time and ensure a good work ethic? Why do some make the effort?  How do persons perpetually maintain the right attitude, while sustaining their passion and energy, doing the needed extra as well as maintaining a great body language despite all odds? What talent do you require to be coachable or educable seeking knowledge? None… no talent what so ever! It is all down to the choices we make. We chose to do these things or not.


It takes no talent to decide and say to one’s selfI can control what time I wake up. I owe me an explanation”. Then daily, audit your actions and decide if you have not met your targets, what intervention to employ to enable the outcome you desire.


I can, I will, I must:

We should have that phenomenal will to make things happen.  The uncommon determination that “I have to get this done meaning we cannot lose as we don’t quit. If you quit, and remain quitted, that is when you have lost”





Decide on a goal, then tell yourself, I cannot go into 2017 without this goal becoming a reality. Ensure it is a specific goal.

Then, step back and review this goal. Write on a scale of 1 -10 (10 being the highest) two things that will happen if you obtained this goal. Next write 2 or 3 people’s life’s that will change if you complete this goal (write their full names/ say their names to your self always).

Taking these actions will strengthen your resolve to get your goal achieved and propel you on so you give over a hundred percent effort to getting your goals actualised.



Do away with the spirit of anxiety and fear:

Eric Thomas made it clear that we have not been given the spirit of fear and anxiety. He explained that very often, these concepts creep into the minds of all of us at one time or the other however; we need to actively develop the repellent mind set to these. He gave a few lines we should always fill our minds with:

“I will operate in the spirit of power, love and a sound, mind. I will move with urgency, command and confidence”.

‘I am a special person with a special purpose’. After today I will never play small. I am royal priesthood. I will forget my past and start a fresh slate’

The anecdotal thought pattern that counters anxiety and fear is reinforced each time we say these lines to ourselves.

Eric went further to tell us we need to speak to the mountain.  The problem with all of you he said, is that you are all trying to climb a mountain as you don’t know who you are. You need to change your mind set and start speaking to the mountain to move!




Yes Eric Thomas, I cannot agree with you more. “Once we speak it, decree it, will it and begin to work and walk it, we become it. This is evident from the stories of many inspirational men and women around us and those on the LR borderless motivational space”.


Who are you running with, talking to and who/what are your influences

Eric Thomas stressed how important it is, to identify someone who is phenomenally skilled. Actively seek them out, so you can find out how they got to where they are and learn from them.

“Don’t listen to what naysayers say. They don’t matter. What matters is what you tell your self – what you say to and believe about your self. Say to yourself, I was here, I will leave my mark, so everyone can know I was here”.

Eric Thomas was spot on with this. In my experience, I find that when we surround our selves with positive energy, people who share similar vision and believe they can do well at anything they set out to do, their determination rubs off on us. We develop a healthy competition with such persons around. We do not wish to let each other down.



People surrounding themselves with positive influence. Eric Thomas and the crowd charging the environs with positivity


Pressure makes us diamonds

I have always known from a very early age in life, that extreme pressure is a life refining mechanism. This may have stemmed from my own early life experiences and how those difficult times made me come out a better person at the end of the day. I realised that Diamonds are the strongest substances on earth because they are formed when carbon is subjected to extreme pressure. To become better refined as an individual, look forward to the challenges of life and view them as a refining and purification process that will make a brand new resilient you.

I therefore could not agree more with Eric Thomas, when he asked every one to affirm that ‘I am, a diamond and no matter what way you turn me from all sides, I glitter’


I do hope you all have been able to enjoy the dividends of the hard work Sonia Poléon, Ava Brown and their teams put into getting Eric Thomas to come to London via our summary on this platform. Sonia Poléon wrote, “Some people thought it was a very tall order for us to bring Eric Thomas and his team here. Some thought we were out of our minds, others said it would never happen and a lot were sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to happen”. It happened! A confluence of positive energies from like minds across the globe gathered at urban life 2016 to encounter this life-changing event.


This summary of events was chronicled in conjunction with Franklin Chinedu Okonkwo (another positive mind who runs a unique photography outfit Chinetography)  and the chief editor of LR, Loretta Ogboro-Okor.

Coach Kemi Oyesola, Ava Brown Sonia Poléon and Loretta Ogboro-Okor - a confluence of positive influences‎ at Urban Life ET event in London on Sept 24th 2016

 Coach Kemi Oyesola, Ava Brown Sonia Poléon and Loretta Ogboro-Okor:  a confluence of positive influences‎ at Urban Life Eric Thomas event in London on Sept 24th 2016


Drop us a comment in the comment section if there was anything in this article you connected with. See you next week.

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