The things I never told my Mother

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………Then, one day, I summoned the courage and told her!

“My enemies are at work!” she screamed. By the way, anything negative my mother cannot logically explain is attributed to her enemies.

She continued her rant about them on the day, saying: “These enemies will not succeed!……You see how your father has over the years, brain-washed you? …..” (to fill the gap, click on link at the bottom of this page)

Today on LR, we dedicate this cross-blog posting to celebrating those silent heroes and heroines in our lives. Those workers beneath the tips of all our “icebergs” – our parents.

Hands up, if you have never interrogated the beliefs of your parents and how they raised you. I guess most of us have. This is one such write up that interrogates and yet celebrates simultaneously! You do not want to miss it.

Prologue from Dr Grace Tomlawyer whose blog is our cross-post today:

“Honestly, some of our mothers deserve an Oscar for their generation! We can best describe them as drama queens; we enjoy(ed) and suffer(ed) the realities associated with living in their world.

Join us today as an old classmate Loretta, from Loretta Reveals (if u don’t know the great work she and her team are doing, just type Loretta Reveals on the web) writes as a guest for the first time on dishusbandmata

sharing what she never told her mum.

True, funny & interesting with lots of lessons.

Click on this link below, for the nuggets of wisdom and parenting motivation:”

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