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When things happen around us, we have two options as humans. One is to bury our heads in the sand, neck deep like the proverbial ostrich while the other is to reflect on and interact with what ever it is going on around us.



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On the “borderless motivational space” this week, we chose to reflect on what just happened in our world. One can pretend to be in far away Timbuktu or even frozen over in Antarctica however, the presidency race between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton could not have been ignored, even if one tried. It will go down in history as one of the most intense and widely publicized races in recent times.


The United States of America attracted attention from every corner of the globe, as both candidates battled neck to neck in the polls for most of the journey with every bump in their path making it seem like the other candidate had the upper hand until a winner emerged on the 9th of November 2016 following the election on the 8th.


Donald Trump had series of sexual assault allegations while Hilary Clinton’s FBI email scandal could be said to have dealt a huge blow to her chances.


Donald Trump was known for his extreme outbursts, which many thought were detrimental to his chances of winning but come November 9, 2016 the results showed that all was not as it seemed. While Hilary Clinton had a higher share of the popular vote Donald Trump won the election with a remarkable show of strength via the Electoral College requirements he achieved.


Hilary Clinton did not get the numbers initially expected from ethnic minorities and women and Donald Trump was able to win in key battleground states. With the Senate and House of Representatives already in Republican hands prior to voting and most likely to remain so. He is hoping to have a smooth ride as the 45th President of the United States of America – whether he does, will eventually be a matter for another day.


These events in the United States of America over the last few months, can somehow affect each and every one of us, directly or indirectly. The effect on some of us may not even be in our lifetime. The effect may be on our generations yet unborn. Reflect deep and we each will find there are lessons we all can learn from what just happened in America – that is, if we look hard enough. The crew members here at LR bounced reflective ideas off each other about lessons learnt from this face off of all time.


The summary of our reflections here on LR revealed a few facts that one could learn from. We do not expect you to agree with us however, we would be glad if this served as a stimulus that enables you reflect on what could be gleaned from the two characters in this just concluded race.


Donald Trump has further reinforced the lesson of life we always knew: be un-apologetically your self and go after what you want with all your life and vigour! Yes, remain your self at all times. Like a wise man of faith stated this week on lessons to learn from Donald Trump,  be honestly your self and the world will make a way for you eventually. They will do it either by an act of omission or by one of commission.


The only person who decides when it is over is you. No one else can decide when you pull out of any thing. It is up to you to decide if and when you exit any project or plan.


Seek out the cracks, then use them well or cement them well! You have to know what you are seeking to find it. Donald Trump saw the cracks in the minds of the people and had the courage to fill it with many ideas other candidates were unable to voice due to political correctness.


Engage with new technology: Trump displayed this with his twitter savviness. For a man in his seventies, it appears he could hold his own with current technology. Some may argue his aides were onto those things, but the spontaneity and swiftness of the twitter responses have Trump himself written all over them.  He also displayed his long term understanding of the press media and how to use it to his advantage – a lesson many of us underestimated the power of.


Well-done Donald Trump. Thanks for the lessons you further taught us. Let your leadership begin so we can learn a few more lessons from you.



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As for Hillary Clinton, we duff our hats to a pacesetter. A woman of courage and un- paralled tenacity . There is no way, the history of the world or that of the USA will be written and Hillary Clinton will not be mentioned.


We say well done for writing a new page in the annals of history! Like you stated, all the little girls who are watching these events and those who will later learn of it should never doubt that they are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve their own dreams.


A ‘Woman Of Substance’ any day, any time is what you are Hillary Clinton.




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Both candidates jointly displayed

* Resilience

* Confidence

* Persistence

* Perseverance

* Determination

* Belief

They both in their own ways taught us that nothing is impossible. Hey, quit being the proverbial ostrich with head buried deep in the sand – come on, drop us a line on what you think we can learn from the latest face off of the millennium.


*Article put together by E. Obodo and L. Ogboro-Okor 



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