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Nigeria: Destiny’s Call

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Where the sun shines
There too, shadow reclines
A time to whine, a time to wine
For Nigeria’s high destiny
To reclaim our dreams
To re-channel our streams
Of the geography of geniuses
Cast off the slough of cheap disguises

Where the seeds grow
There too, weeds prowl
A time to cry, a time to try
For Nigeria’s higher purpose
To restore merit
To rethink skewed social credit
Heal, national bad habit with integrity
Disband, the tribal cult of mediocrity

Where grotesque darkness echoes
There too, unconquered sun’s ethos
A time to obey, this time, today
Nigeria’s highest moral vision calls
To weld our numbers as majesty of sword and wealth
To weave our differences as tapestry of chord and health
And craft a tomorrow
Renewed, robust, resilient and never shallow

Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey
Arise, O patriots. Today
To shun the stale tale of tribe
One nationhood we subscribe
Curb the irrational religious exuberance
Great lofty heights attain with endurance
Labour with cumulative epiphanies
And birth new incarnation
Of one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

@Michael Achile Umameh

Many thanks Reverend Father Micheal A Umameh for enabling us pay our tribute to Nigeria this year on the occasion of her independence anniversary from our “motivational platform”.

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