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Team LR is rolling out this 2017 with a guest feature who shares similar ideals of “borderless motivation”. An individual who understands the iceberg nature of success and is herself a living testimony of passion, hard work, focus, dedication and the relentless decision not to take no for a final answer. She is happy to tell and reinforce in anyone within earshot of her how “you will win if you do not quit”.

This 2017 will see The Nana Churcher Show clock 5 years of motivating an increasing worldwide viewership week after week. Using this 30-minute motivational guest chat, people are inspired by the calibre of guests and the stories of their journeys to excel in what they do despite all odds. Those inspired go on to make life-changing decisions based on the exposé given by the talk show guests they connect with and they in turn, then become resolute to succeed.

So it is, that one viewer at a time, Ghana-born Nana Churcher is using her talk show to motivate our world. The show is available to all worldwide on its own YouTube Channel, and up until the end of this last season, on ABN TV (Sky Channel 235, Freeview 252), the foremost African-Caribbean television channel in Europe. The Nana Churcher Show, also previously aired on Vox Africa TV, a Pan-Africa television channel on Sky Channel 218 (Europe), Eire and across Africa on DStv channel 191, GOtv channel 16 and Zuku 140. Seasons 1-3 of this show were recorded to have had over 13 million viewer followership in total, making it one of the premium shows in the Sky TV board ratings. There is no stopping this lady as she transverses the borders of the continents spanning Africa, Europe and more recently, the Americas. It is no wonder therefore that this lady who is the flag bearer of her dedicated team is collaborating on this platform despite her hectic schedule – below, is the flow, live from her very own pen.

Finally, I am writing.

Becoming a Talk Show Host had always been my childhood dream and by the grace of God and with the support of my wonderful husband and some great mentors it has become a reality.

I am Mrs. Nana Churcher, call me Nana. I am married to Mr. Alfred Churcher who is a life coach and we are blessed with four beautiful kids – 3 girls and a boy. I have over the years, become many things rolled into one. I am an image consultant, motivational speaker, TV & Radio presenter and the executive producer of “The Nana Churcher Show”, which is a 30-minute talk show.

Collage 2017-01-14 20_05_28

Cross section of Nana Churcher and her team in work mode

I am a media professional educated at the Chelsea School of Radio and Television and also trained by Hollywood Talent Manager and Casting Director Marki Costello at “Become A Host” the premiere television hosting academy based in Los Angeles. I am also the president for Inspirational Women’s Ministry (ICC) in my local church.

The Nana Churcher Show (TNCS) is a 30-minute inspirational, motivational, entertaining and educational chat show that features guests from around the world who have excelled in various areas of their profession or vocation and made a mark in the community. The show seeks to inspire and encourage others to admire greatness as exhibited by the guests and also use their stories to create solution(s) to issues facing the community.

Nana Churcher Show Sizzle from Koshie Mills on Vimeo.

Click for TNCS sizzler  (It is okay to click on this and it will play on the linked website)

When you love what you do and believe in it, it gives you fulfilment regardless of the challenges that come with it. The opportunity to inspire people with my show is a blessing. I believe each and every one of us has greatness within us. I use my show to challenge viewers to rise up to their greatness.

Before the talk show, I was a Mary Kay beauty consultant and a Sales Director, which gave me the opportunity to lead and inspire other women to work towards want they really want. That role taught me to dream bigger and help others to do likewise. Being a leader requires you to read more, learn and research. It is against the background of engaging in the activities described above, that my motivational speaking career was birthed.

I am a strong believer of empowering others. A fraction of the population, are born self-motivated while many rely on others to motivate them. It is a joy and a pleasure to be among those who can uplift the spirit of others.

I am where I am today because I am also a people person. It is important to make people feel important and what I do is all about people. Passion, discipline, consistency, taking risks, self-belief, respect, faith, not quitting despite the challenges and love are some of the attributes I have not only employed but acquired more of on my journey. Being a mum to four kids, wife, Talk show host and motivational speaker hasn’t been easy but His grace is sufficient. I have this word in my head and heart that anything is possible with God that is why I am not afraid of tomorrow.

There were sacrifices made and more yet to be made. However, I strive to constantly maintain a balance. I also have the support of my wonderful husband and my family. It is very important, in my experience to have the right support system. To have those people who pick you up when you fall. To be surrounded by those who you are happy to run back to when the world seems very hostile.

Alfred and Nana Churcher

Alfred and Nana Churcher

This 2017, watch out for an all-new improved season of TNCS and an optimally interactive website that will both go live in a couple of weeks just as we continue to expand our frontiers to America and beyond. My goal is to help others live their dreams and succeed and I want us all to take away this fact that “We all have greatness in US!” Thank you for having me on the LR platform – together we can motivate without limits.

Nana Churcher.
Social media outlets Twitter, facebook and Instagram : @nana churcher

From us at the LR Team, we have a phrase to describe Nana Churcher and her team. The phrase is ‘selfless enigma’. Many may think that the millions (money) flow from what they do, but it is all selfless hard work for humanity. It is therefore encouraging each time The Nana Churcher team bags one nomination/award after the other. In February 2015, TNCS was nominated for Favourite Black TV Show (Magazine/Chat show) in the prestigious Screen Nation Awards held in London. For the many awards the show has been given since its inception to the REEBA Award 2016 Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Role model of the year, and every other one in-between, we say well done.


We see you got this far reading this! Even if you have forgotten everything else, you will do well to remember these two phrases: “We all have greatness in US!” and “you will win if you do not quit”. Now, tell us what you think of these two phrases as you hit the comments section.




*All images and video clips used with the permission of  Nana Churcher as well as the TNCS Team and source producers referenced.

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