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On the 23rd of January 2016, the Croydon Conference Centre London became the melting pot for Millionaires and Millionaires –in-the making alike. Are you already thinking to your self “ how much was the wealthiest person there worth?” Well, just hold that thought right there – it shall be answered as you peruse this space a bit more.

The LR Team had the privilege of registering attendees at this event. So first hand, shall you be updated with a summary of the events that transpired at this very enriching event. The speakers and attendees were from varied facets of life.

It was not difficult to discover following the talks of all the invited persons at this conference (who by the way were each accomplished Successes and Millionaires in their own right) that they all had messages that significantly overlapped over central emergent themes. The reason for this could not have been far-fetched. It can be explained by the simple example of how there are over a hundred recipes on how to make omelettes (if you doubt the number, pay a visit to Professor Google – just type in how to make an omelette). The over one hundred results have the recipes for making omelette vary from place to place depending on different flavours, fillings and fads. However, an omelette will not be an omelette without the main ingredient. The principal ingredient remains the ‘egg’. Same way, to make millionaires has fundamental ingredients that remain constant with peripheral variations depending on specific areas of life, cultural and environmental manipulations amongst many others.

This ushers in our next burning thought; who is a Millionaire? World wealth report of 2013/2014 defines millionaires as those High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) whose assets except their primary residence = $1million. It goes on to estimate the population of these HNWI at about 12 million i.e. 0.16% of the world population. However, does being a Millionaire equal just a man’s stash of bank notes or assets? Is it the same thing as being successful? Does it equate to happiness?

The fundamental ingredients highlighted by the speakers for making Millionaires or becoming Millionaires are succinctly itemized in no particular order below. Each core statement is taken verbatim, from the talk given by the speakers.


Having the right mentality:

“The right mentality will make you move mountains”


Compelling vision:

“It is very tedious, hence you need to have a vision that will enable you go through all the stress – your ‘why’ has to be bigger than ‘what it takes’ ”


Strategic planning/goal setting:

“You have to plan a bit like a cat, seeking to catch its prey”

“Write down your goals”

Strategic marketing:

Get the right people – target the right groups for anything you are doing


Find the niche/your niche/locate your passion:

‘Find that niche in the market/ in your community/ professional horizon and fill it – you will be sought after’

“Start small and grow from where you are”

“It is fun doing what you love doing while making money”


Employ the 4 D principle:

“Be Decisive, Deliberate, Diligent and Discerning…choose your associates, those you share your vision with and friends wisely”.



Cross-section of attendees on 23rd January 2016

Despite all these recipes on Millionaire making, one needs to ask one’s self some critical questions and we each need to honestly answer these questions in our minds first before we set out en-route to making our “millions”

  • Why do you want to be a Millionaire/successful?
  • Is becoming Rich/a Millionaire/Successful for you?
  • What drives you? Is it just the need to make money or the passion to affect our world positively?
  • What does failure mean to you
  • What’s your attitude to the successes of others? Do you wish them well? Or do you feel threatened?

The LR team joins all those who attended this event, to congratulate the organisers, BLW (Believers Love World) Norwood (one of the Chapters of Christ Embassy World Wide) for creating interventions like these devoid of any overwhelming religious undertone uniting people from varied religious, ethnic and societal stratifications in the quest to positively impact our world. Business & Career Seminar – 2016 – The Making of Millionaires was the bomb.  It was a great inspiring job well done setting 2016 rolling in motivational style unparralled.



Kudos also to Annmarie Lewis who spoke on Social Marketing, Solomon Animashaun told the audience about Career Progression. Emeka Douglas Okor enlightened us about the traits and attributes of successful and happy millionaires while Anthony Baffi revealed the secrets of Branding. Nnamdi Ngoka gave further insight on Career Elevation tips while Mark Lloyd took us on a trip of asset acquisition and propagation in Property ownership/investment.

On the left is budding Designer and Entrepreneur Samuel Uwaomah (Sam Lee) and one of the conference presenters

On the left is budding Designer and Entrepreneur Samuel Uwaomah (Sam Lee) and one of the conference presenters

Finally, back to your initial thought at the very beginning “how much was the wealthiest person there worth?” The answer must be clear to you all by now- being a Millionaire is not about the quantification of material wealth only though that may be a part of it. It is more a state of mind. It does not necessarily imply success. If we each take time to think deeply about it, we will come to realize that it is possible to be a millionaire and yet, be unsuccessful. This one sure is a paradox or should we say an irony? LR team will not pretend to have all the answers to the deeper questions of life generated by this article. Help us answer some of them or tell us what tip you found most useful here by dropping us a line in the comments section.


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