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Celebrating Those Who Celebrate Others: Meet Chè Ann And The R.E.E.B.A Awards 2016

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Still in the spirit of giving back that we flagged off last week, on LR this week, we are celebrating those who celebrate others. We are not alone in helping to motivate other people and it is with great pleasure this week that the LR Team in our “ borderless motivational” quest, introduces you to R.E.E.B.A and those who help run it.


There abound many people in our world today, who are wondering where to start from and what to do with their lives. None of us determines where, when or into what communities we are born. However, it becomes up to us, wherever we find our selves to make a positive impact in our lifetime. It does not matter how little we think what we have to offer is; it also must not be money. The important thing is that we seek to make others better than we met them. We need to always think out of the box to enable us get insight on how to make and be the difference. If for once you think this is an easy feat, then have a rethink because it takes sacrifice to make a difference.

Chè Ann is one such person who caught the vision of making a difference by celebrating other people. She decided after a life changing insightful experience following the riots in London in 2011, that the energy of many people, especially the youths could be channeled and directed to positive things. She chose to celebrate the unsung and bring to limelight, those who are making a difference in their chosen fields. She set up Invest In Success CIC (Community Interest Company) that organizes R.E.E.B.A (Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards).


For the fourth year running, this September, R.E.E.B.A will be celebrating nominated Entrepreneurs, Inspirational Leaders, Business Professionals and the Progressive Youths.  These awards have given the boost to many entrepreneurs and young persons, catapulting them to heights beyond their dreams. One such person from last year’s award is Martin Stevens founder and CEO of the growing social development enterprise called PAD (Progression And Development) now growing in leaps and bounds. Another is one of our previous LR feature – Anaya Kamara was a recipient of the 2015 R.E.E.B.A award. R.E.E.B.A recipients are talented, inspirational, entrepreneurial, intellectual go getters from all walks of life and age spectrum, who are worthy to be celebrated in style, class and quality. No doubt, R.E.E.B.A sure has a stringent eye for excellence if those we feature on this platform of excellence turn out to be some of their awardees.

Ms Che Ann Bosslady

Ms Chè Ann Bosslady

In her words, Chè Ann also fondly called the Boss Lady states “I’m so blessed that I am able to help and award so many youth, entrepreneurs and businesses. I’m thankful to God for blessing me”.  Join us this year to celebrate those who celebrate others at the 4th consecutive R.E.E.B.A Awards where it is all about acknowledging success and giving back onboard the amazing floating ‘Dixie Queen’ the largest luxury party boat on the river Thames on Saturday 24th September 2016.


Let us cultivate the culture of celebrating others right from here. Make the sacrifice and take the time out , to drop us a comment in the comment section for the Boss Lady and the R.E.E.B.A Team.



The Dixie Queen, the largest luxury party boat on the Thames is venue of this year’s R.E.E.B.A award on the 24th September 2016

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