Who is giving the world’s best medicine? Meet Eddie Kadi

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“Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will surely add life to your years.”


Loretta reveals this week, has followed our “motivational compass” to locate one man who is healing our world with “the best medicine”.

He is the first Black-British Comedian to have headlined his own show at the O2 Arena, one of the largest venues in London on more than one occasion, after doing similar justice to Hammersmith Apollo and Hackney Empire.  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has referred to him as “the most famous comedian you have never heard of”.

His content bridges cultures and appeals to many along various divides. Yet when you meet him, he has no airs about him. This man who was born in Congo is now a person who many refer to on social media as #theglobetrotter




Meet Eddie Kadi


I was born in Kinshasa, in Democratic  Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire).  Mine was a close knit family where we saw examples of how you apply hard work to achieve our set goals, through my grandparents.

We moved to the United Kingdom when I was 8 years old. I had my early education and proceeded to study media technology at Kingston University in Surrey.

From an early age, I was involved in performing arts through church and school. You should have seen the look on my father’s face when I first talked about making comedy my full time work. For him, it was a case of “Eddie, this joke you just cracked is so funny, can you crack another one?”  As Africans, we are known for our zest for education. In the minds of the typical African parents, there are 4 main professions. These are Medicine, Law, Engineering and “the others”. You get in real trouble with not just your parents, but with the entire clan when you find yourself drifting towards “the others” – the 4th and unaccepted professional category. Smile if you can relate with this.


Not many people can look at this and not smile

Not many people can look at this and not smile

Over the years, I have come to understand the strength of teamwork hence you find I do a lot of collaborations with other people across the entertainment industry. I have been into music and show hosting as well.  I cannot thank my amazing team members enough. They do a lot of the hard work behind the scenes and ensure that everything happens according to plan.

As for the content of my comedy work, I am blessed to have had the best of two worlds. My rich African heritage and my growing up in the United Kingdom is a recipe for intercultural dialogue that spans continents and dismantles negative stereotypes.  I believe comedy is a unifying factor most of us can relate with. I have often stated that there are things, all of us as humans share in common irrespective of race or creed. We need to spend more time on seeking out that which unites us all, than waste precious energy playing the victim cards.


Eddie Kadi the collaborator

Eddie Kadi the collaborator – the many faces of team work

For those men and women out there, boys and girls coming up, who would like to walk through the entertainment path, my message is that once you can dream it, and that dream appears impossible, then, that is when you can do it! Anything that looks scary has a way of attracting truly spirited fighters. All you need to do is attempt it. Once you attempt it, the rest is history – you are on your way to making possible, anything that initially looked impossible.


Tell me, does this big dream scare you: a dream where you lie on your very comfortable memory foam all day long, 7 days a week, with your TV-remote control to hand, praying hard in tongues during every commercial break and only stopping to eat the delivered pizza in-between?

If it does, then jump up (your first attempt at fighting it) and get working – rest assured the rest is history now you are up and revving to go.

Are you laughing??  Then you are healed for they say, laughter is the best medicine and I am your local pharmacist. Thank you.

Our dear readers, you just read it from Eddie Kadi “let your dreams and visions scare you”.

Eddie Kadi has worked hard to become a household name globally. He is one gifted entertainer who continues to gather accolades, one after the other, non-stop from all spheres of entertainment. His work in broadcasting with the BBC, MTV, MTV Base, Trace TV and Mnet speaks for itself. In 2012, at the Wembley Arena, he hosted Africa Unplugged, one of the biggest African concerts in Europe.

He was also the main host for Sports entertainment during the Men’s Basketball at the London Olympics.  In 2009, he won the Best Male Comedian at the Urban Comedy Awards. He was one of the “Top 5 UK Comedy Talent” from Channel 4 Talent Show in 2008. Prior to that in 2006, he won the Best Newcomer at the BECA Comedy Awards and also Artist of the Year at the Vine Awards.

He has appeared in some British Movies including Anuvahood, Its a lot, Gone too far and more.  He recently opened up for US legend Lauryn Hill and Common at the New York Leg of their tour. Furthermore, he recently sold out his show “Eddie Kadi and Friends” in London featuring some prominent Comedians and musicians as guests.  Eddie was part of the Johannesburg International comedy festival in March 2017.

He has collaborated with the likes of Akon, Tinnie Tempah and a host of others. Despite his very busy schedule which we can all only imagine, Eddie Kadi’s contributions to charity are exemplary. He has worked with War Child and Merlin, is a patron of Save The Congo and Malaika foundation.

Is anyone up for some laugh? For your share of inspirational and undiluted laughter, click on the link below to get a dose of the “best medicine” from Eddie. Do remember, to let us know what you think, in the comments section, of this dynamic man, who is giving life to our years through his work.


**All images and video clip used courtesy of Eddie Kadi approval from the orginal non- LR source**

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