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   Africa, Africa, Once a warriors’ land,
Reduced to nothing more than bribery and corruption
Crimes after Crimes Bombs after bombs
What has our continent, our Africa become?

Crude oil as a blessing, Coal as well
Even the cocoa, sugarcane and avocado pear
Is it the Gold, the Diamond and Ore of every kind?
But alas we misused these blessings and so
God said “I need some people to help this continent grow”.

We are those people, the youths of this continent
We stand tall and reject all forms of corruption
We believe in Africa and we stand tall
Because we have the glory, the power and the mercy of God.

So once again I have to address the African that thinks our continent’s a mess
Together we can make it, make Africa become
One land, a union of countries with freedom, form and force.

By A-Tegz 2016

A-Tegz , sent Team LR the above poem. At first glance, the Editorial team members thought, ‘why poems’ LR does inspiring stories. None the less, the poem is an inspiration said the persons in our technical arm.

So it was that we each took the poem home and returned the next day, to discuss what we each made out of it. Summary was that this was one motivational call to action! More astonishingly, we discovered that this piece was from one of the youngest followers of the LR Space – a twelve year old girl!

If A-Tegz at twelve years can challenge the status quo like this and seek for a paradigm shift, what then has befallen the rulers of the over 50 nations on the African continent?

Let us know what you think of this young lady who is poised to galvanize her generation into positive and true agents of change.

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