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As 2016 reaches its tail end, we count our many blessings and look forward to 2017 with renewed hope and fervor. This year our borderless motivational space bubbled with inspirational stories. Men and women took us on journeys into the very essence of their world and what makes them tick. We brought to you inspiring stories of varied individuals in different walks of life that showed us nothing is impossible. Since we often do not see how many times great people ‘fall’ or ‘fail’ and how many ‘flops’ and ‘losses’ happens along the way, it is revealing and empowering to hear it in their own words how these ordinary persons do extra-ordinary things.


Due to popular demand, the LR team has decided to round up the year with a recap of the top 6 stories chosen by you- our very own readers! Visitors to our “borderless motivational space” following a survey have indicated for different reasons, these stories they considered their favorites.




The story of a family that continues to wax strong in the face of life’s adversity.

“…..Ivan Jnr. and his parents teach us that our deepest gratitude should go out to all the heroes lurking in life’s shadows because like diamonds, formed by pressure and buried deep beneath the earth, they are often the ones surmounting life’s most rigorous challenges making their stories some of our greatest inspirational sources…….”



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“We all have dreams. We may have challenges on the way to the end point, however, never give up. You have to be convinced. No one can convince you, but yourself.”  


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The 78-year-old Zumba Instructor told us “Focus! Think about the future, think where you are going and do not look backwards. Feel good in your self: you must first learn to love yourself”


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“Ok, so I am a blind person who has a law degree and a doctorate in international politics. However, I have come to realize the ordinary things we do can have an extraordinary effect on others; more importantly we may not even realize the true significance of what we have done”.




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“No dream is too small and no dream is too big. If you think it, you can achieve it. Always shut your ears to the naysayers and let your success do all the talking.”



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Following her memory loss for ten years of her life, this multi award-wining entrepreneur told us how “….I decided to rise again from rock bottom, I decided to climb out of my valley. To be honest, the transition did not come easily. Positivity, leadership and effectiveness skills are habits we have to develop with determination and doggedness”.


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2017 can only get better on our “borderless motivational space” as the Loretta Reveals Team brings the determination, the focus and hard work of varied individuals to the fore – it is the platform that will continue exposing the ‘iceberg nature of success’. As you stay with us for your regular doses of all things motivational, we wish you a merry Christmas and a fulfilling new year.


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